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Version: 11.0.x

Value Selector Controls

These controls provide a graphical presentation to represent a value of a specific type. They also provide some kind of graphical interaction to change the value.

CheckBoxBooleanTrue value presented as a check mark. Click interaction toggles the value. Has an option to display an 'unknown' value.
SliderDoubleRelative value compared to a maximum and minimum value presented as the position along the length of the slider track of the slider button. Drag interaction on the slider button can alter the value between the maximum and minimum values. Keyboard and click interactions can also nudge the value.
CalendarDateTimeThe calendar is a control for users to select dates or date ranges.
CalendarDatePickerDateTimeAn extension of the calendar control that includes a text box and button.
DatePickerDateTimeThe date picker has three 'spinner' controls to allow the user to pick a date value.
TimePickerTimeSpanThe time picker has three 'spinner' controls to allow the user to pick a time from hours, minutes and seconds.