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Version: 11.0.x


The ItemsControl is the basis for controls that display repeating data (like the list box for example). It has no built-in formatting or interactions; but you can use it with data binding, styling and data templates to create a completely custom repeating data control.


To see the full list of Avalonia UI built-in repeating data controls, see here.

Useful Properties

You will probably use these properties most often:

ItemsSourceThe bound collection that is used as the data source for the control.
ItemsControl.ItemTemplateThe item template, contains a DataTemplate which will be applied to individual items and can be used to change how items look.
ItemsControl.ItemPanelThe container panel to place items in. By default, this is a StackPanel. See this page to customise the ItemsPanel.
ItemsControl.StylesThe style that is applied to any child element of the ItemControl.


This example binds an observable collection of crockery items to an items control, where some custom layout and formatting is provided by a data template:

<StackPanel Margin="20">
<TextBlock Margin="0 5">List of crockery:</TextBlock>
<ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding CrockeryList}" >
<Border Margin="0,10,0,0"
BorderBrush="Gray" BorderThickness="1"
<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
<TextBlock Text="{Binding Title}"/>
<TextBlock Margin="5 0" FontWeight="Bold"
Text="{Binding Number}"/>
C# View Model
using AvaloniaControls.Models;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Collections.ObjectModel;

namespace AvaloniaControls.ViewModels
public class MainWindowViewModel : ViewModelBase
public ObservableCollection<Crockery> CrockeryList { get; set; }

public MainWindowViewModel()
CrockeryList = new ObservableCollection<Crockery>(new List<Crockery>
new Crockery("dinner plate", 12),
new Crockery("side plate", 12),
new Crockery("breakfast bowl", 6),
new Crockery("cup", 10),
new Crockery("saucer", 10),
new Crockery("mug", 6),
new Crockery("milk jug", 1)
C# Item Class
public class Crockery
public string Title { get; set; }
public int Number{ get; set; }

public Crockery(string title, int number)
Title = title;
Number = number;

The view resizes horizontally, but content is hidden when it is too high. This control does not have a built-in scrollbar (unlike ListBox).

More Information


For the complete ItemsControl API documentation, see here.


View the source code on GitHub ItemsControl.cs