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The migration of documentation is ongoing, and thus you may find some incomplete or missing docs. If in doubt, check out the existing docs portal.

Welcome to Avalonia Documentation, a steadily growing collection of guides, documentation and API reference for Avalonia UI.

If you can't find what you need here, visit our friendly community where you'll find lots of people happy to help you, or if you're in need of more support you can opt for a paid support plan which helps support the continued growth of the project.

If you're familiar with WPF or UWP then you should feel right at home with Avalonia. Although Avalonia is not API compatible with either of these frameworks (and so controls can't be used without porting), there's a lot of similarity. If you're a WPF user we have a page which describes the main differences between WPF and Avalonia.

Getting Started

Everything you'll need to kick start your development with Avalonia.

API Reference

A detailed reference to all the APIs available in Avalonia.


Guided learning from the creators of Avalonia.


You can find our samples on GitHub but there also exists a huge array of OSS projects built with Avalonia which provide valuable opportunities to learn. You can find a few of these projects on the Awesome-Avalonia list over on GitHub.