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Version: 11.0.x

Avalonia Trademark Policy

This trademark policy is designed to help you understand how to use the Avalonia trademark, which is owned by AvaloniaUI OÜ (known as Avalonia UI).

While our software is available under a free and open-source software licence, that copyright licence does not include a licence to use our trademark. This Policy explains how to use our mark in accordance with applicable laws and community expectations.

This Policy covers:

Our word trademark: Avalonia

This Policy encompasses all trademarks and service marks, whether they are registered or not.

General Guidelines

Whenever you use our mark, you must do so in a manner that does not mislead anyone about what they are receiving and from whom. For example, you cannot say you are distributing Avalonia software when you are distributing a modified version of it (a Fork), because recipients may not understand the differences between your modified versions and our own.

You also cannot use our mark on your website in a way that suggests that your website is an official website or that we endorse your website.

You can, however, say you like Avalonia software, that you participate in the Avalonia community, or that you are providing an unmodified version of the Avalonia software.

You may not use or register our mark or variations as part of your trademark, service mark, domain name, company name, trade name, product name, or service name without our explicit permission. We will grant a licence for those wanting to use our mark on the condition that their product name follows this format: "Product Name for Avalonia."

Packages can also include our mark (with permission), provided they do not start with our mark. For example, "Avalonia.MyPackage" will not be granted a licence to use our marks, but "MyPackage.Avalonia" will likely be granted a license.

Trademark law does not allow your use of names or trademarks that are too similar to ours. Therefore, you may not use an obvious variation of our mark or any phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation for a similar or compatible product or service. For instance, the following would be too similar to our mark:

  • AvaloniImage
  • Avalonia Photo App

Acceptable Uses


You may claim that your application uses Avalonia, but care must be taken to avoid giving the impression that your application is approved by Avalonia UI or is an official application. Care must be taken not to ship your application with the default icon (the Avalonia logo).

Packages & Templates

You may publish packages and templates using the appropriate naming conventions, but please make clear that these works are not officially approved. Only codebases managed by the organisation within the GitHub organisation AvaloniaUI are considered official.

You should not use our logo alongside the Avalonia mark.

Naming Conventions

If you wish to describe your product with reference to Avalonia, you may do so under these conditions. You may call your software XYZ (where XYZ is your product name) for Avalonia only if you use the following legend in marketing materials or product descriptions: "Avalonia is a trademark of AvaloniaUI OÜ."

Product Names

  • Acceptable: 'My Product for Avalonia'.
  • Unacceptable: "Avalonia My Product'.

Package Names

  • Acceptable: 'MyPackage.Avalonia
  • Unacceptable: 'Avalonia.MyPackage'

User groups

You can use the Word Mark as part of your user group name provided that:

  • The main focus of the group is Avalonia
  • The group does not make a profit
  • Any charges to attend meetings are to cover the cost of the venue, food, and drink only

You are not authorised to conduct a conference using our mark.

No Domain Names

You must not register any domain that includes our word mark or any variant or combination of it.

Other For-Profit Usage of the Avalonia Mark

If you are making a video, tutorial series, book, or other educational material for which you are receiving payment through subscriptions, sales, advertising, or the like, then you must acquire explicit licensing permission from AvaloniaUI OÜ.

How to Display Our Mark

When you have the right to use our mark, here is how to display it.

Trademark Marking and Legends

The first or most prominent mention of a mark on a webpage, document, or documentation should be accompanied by a symbol indicating whether the mark is a registered trademark ("®") or an unregistered trademark ("™"). If you do not know which applies, contact us. (Avalonia itself is a registered trademark.)

Place the following notice at the foot of the page where you have used the mark: "Avalonia is a trademark of AvaloniaUI OÜ."

Use of Trademarks in Text

Always use trademarks in their exact form with the correct spelling, neither abbreviated, hyphenated, nor combined with any other word or words.

  • Unacceptable: Avaloniia
  • Acceptable: Avalonia

Do not pluralise a trademark.

  • Unacceptable: I have seventeen Avalonias running on my computer.
  • Acceptable: I am running seventeen Avalonia applications on my computer and have RAM to spare.

Always use a trademark as an adjective modifying a noun.

  • Unacceptable: This is an Avalonia.
  • Acceptable: This is an Avalonia application.

More Info

AvaloniaUI OÜ retains all rights to modify these trademark guidelines at any time. If you have a question or enquiry, please send an email to

These guidelines are based on the Model Trademark Guidelines, available at