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Версия: 11.0.0

Grid Splitter

The grid splitter control allows a user to resize the columns or rows in a grid at runtime. The splitter is drawn as a column or row (size can be specified), and has a grip that the user can manipulate at runtime.

Useful Properties

You will probably use these properties most often:

BackgroundBackground color for the splitter bar.
Grid.ColumnAttached to give the (column) position of the splitter.
Grid.RowAttached to give the (row) position of the splitter.
ResizeDirectionThe direction of travel for the splitter. (See note below.)

To provide any meaningful movement, the direction of travel of the splitter must be the same as its position definition. That is: for a column splitter specify ResizeDirection="Columns" and for a row splitter specify ResizeDirection="Rows".


This is a column splitter:

<Grid ColumnDefinitions="*, 4, *">
<Rectangle Grid.Column="0" Fill="Blue"/>
<GridSplitter Grid.Column="1" Background="Black" ResizeDirection="Columns"/>
<Rectangle Grid.Column="2" Fill="Red"/>

This is a row splitter:

<Grid RowDefinitions="*, 4, *">
<Rectangle Grid.Row="0" Fill="Blue"/>
<GridSplitter Grid.Row="1" Background="Black" ResizeDirection="Rows"/>
<Rectangle Grid.Row="2" Fill="Red"/>

More Information

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For the complete API documentation about this control, see here.

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View the source code on GitHub GridSplitter.cs