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Version: 11.0.x


Many applications need to include assets such as bitmaps, styles and resource dictionaries. Resource dictionaries contain graphical fundamentals that can be declared in XAML. Styles can also be written in XAML, but bitmap assets are binary files, for example PNG and JPEG formats.

Including assets

You include assets in an application by using the <AvaloniaResource> element in your project file.

For example, the Avalonia .NET Core MVVM App solution template creates a folder called Assets (containing the avalonia-logo.ico file) and adds an element to the project file to include any files located there. As follows:

<AvaloniaResource Include="Assets\**"/>

You can include whatever files you want by adding additional <AvaloniaResource> elements in this item group.


The element name AvaloniaResource here only indicates that the assets will be internally stored as .NET resources by the build. However, in Avalonia UI terms, these files are called 'Assets' to distinguish them from 'XAML resources'.

Referencing Included Assets

Once asset files are included, they can be referenced as needed in the XAML that defines your UI. For example, these assets are referenced by specifying their relative path:

<Image Source="icon.png"/>
<Image Source="images/icon.png"/>
<Image Source="../icon.png"/>

As an alternative, you can use the rooted path:

<Image Source="/Assets/icon.png"/>

Library Assets

If the asset is included in a different assembly from the XAML file, then you use the avares: URI scheme. For example, if the asset is contained in an assembly called MyAssembly.dll in a Assets folder, then you use:

<Image Source="avares://MyAssembly/Assets/icon.png"/>

Asset Type Conversion

Avalonia UI has built-in converters which can load assets for bitmaps, icons and fonts out of the box. So an assets Uri can be automatically converted to any of following:

  • Image - Image type
  • Bitmap - Bitmap type
  • Window Icon - WindowIcon type
  • Font - FontFamily type

Loading Assets in Code

You can write code to load assets using the AssetLoader static class. For example:

var bitmap = new Bitmap(AssetLoader.Open(new Uri(uri)));

The uri variable in the above code can contain any valid URI with avares: scheme (as described above).

Avalonia UI does not provide support for file://, http://, or https:// schemes. If you want to load files from disk or the Web, you must implement that functionality yourself or use community implementations.


Avalonia UI has a community implementation for an image loader at