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Version: 11.0.x

Music Store App

In this tutorial you will create a desktop app based on the idea of a music store. The app is highly graphical - it presents images of album covers, and uses semi-transparent 'acrylic' blurred window backgrounds to give a very up-to-date look. By the end of the tutorial, you will be able search the iTunes online list of albums, and select albums for your own list.

In this tutorial you will use the MVVM pattern with the ReactiveUI framework to manage multiple application windows. Also you will use advanced asynchronous techniques to implement the album search and other features, so that application responsiveness is maintained.


This is a more advanced tutorial. The 'To Do List App' is a recommended prerequisite if you have limited experience with the MVVM pattern. Read about the 'To Do List App' tutorial here.


For information and background on the concept of the MVVM pattern, see here.

This tutorial contains instructions for using the Rider IDE on macOS; however the steps will be similar on other operating systems, and using other IDEs such as Visual Studio on Microsoft Windows.


You can find the code for the completed application here.