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What's Changed


What's Changed

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Just some bug fixes! Stability++

What's Changed

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Minor fixes and improvements

What's Changed

New Contributors


What's Changed

New Contributors

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Bug fixes only this time folks!

What's Changed

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Our docs have had an overhaul also:

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What's New

A11y (Accessibility)

This version of Avalonia takes major strides in making applications more accessible. We've added support for various accessibility tools, making it easier for everyone to use Avalonia applications.

IME (Input Method Editor) Support

We have introduced support for Input Method Editor (IME), this allows onscreen keyboards and input in all languages.

Compositing Renderer

The new compositing renderer enhances the graphical rendering capabilities, providing a more robust, efficient, and flexible rendering pipeline.

WebAssembly (WASM) Support

WASM support allows Avalonia applications to run directly in the browser, broadening our platform support and giving developers more freedom and flexibility.

iOS and Android Support

We've added support for both iOS and Android platforms. Developers can now build and run Avalonia applications on two of the most popular mobile platforms.

Full Rich Text support

You can now fully render rich text allowing you to render complex documents.

With the Text Inlines feature, you can easily construct complex formatted text blocks. It enables you to add annotations, hyperlinks, and other inline elements in your text.

Smooth Virtualization (Reworked ItemsControl)

We've completely reworked the ItemsControl to provide smooth virtualization. This improves the efficiency and user experience for controls with many items.

Performance Improvements

Avalonia 11.0 comes with significant performance improvements, enhancing the speed and efficiency of your applications.

Control Themes, Nested Styles, and Theme Variants

We've added the ability to theme controls, apply nested styles, and choose theme variants. This makes it easier to build beautiful and consistent UIs.

Bitmap Effects

The Bitmap Effects feature lets you apply visual effects to bitmaps. You can add blur, drop shadows, and other effects to images.

3D Transforms

With 3D Transforms, you can now create stunning three-dimensional effects in your UI.

AOT (Ahead-Of-Time) Compilation and Trimming

AOT compilation enables your apps to run faster by compiling them before runtime. Trimming reduces the size of your apps by removing unused code.

GPU Interop

The GPU Interop feature allows Avalonia to work more efficiently with the GPU, improving rendering performance and visuals.

Experimental Metal Support

We're testing Metal support to improve performance on iOS and macOS devices.