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Version: 11.0.x

Focus Manager

The FocusManager service is responsible for managing the keyboard focus for the application. It keeps track of the currently focused element and the current focus scope.

The FocusManager can be access through an instance of TopLevel or Window, for more details on accessing TopLevel please visit TopLevel page:

var focusManager = window.FocusManager;



Returns the currently focused element.

IInputElement? GetFocusedElement()


Clears the currently focused element.

void ClearFocus()


Focusing a control

Developers usually don't need a FocusManager service to focus a control. It can be achieved with a method call directly on the control:

var hasFocused = button.Focus();

Focus method might return false is control is not visible and has Focusable property set to false.

Listening for global focus changes

While FocusManager.GetFocusedElement method allows to get currently focused control, it's not suitable as an event. Instead, please use InputElement.GotFocusEvent.Raised.Subscribe(handler) method. Note, it listens events globally across all top levels.