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Версия: 0.10.x


The CalendarDatePicker control allows the user to pick a date value using a calendar. It's similar to DatePicker, except it displays a calendar instead of combo boxes.


Custom placeholder

The placeholder (the text that appears when the input is empty) can be changed using the Watermark property.

Watermark="01/01/1970" />

Custom date format

The format of the date displayed can be customised by setting the SelectedDateFormat to Custom and providing a custom format in CustomDateFormatString in the same way DateTime.ToString(string format) accepts.

CustomDateFormatString="yyyy-MM-dd" />

This code will display the selected date in ISO 8601 format (year, month and day, separated by hyphens).

Remarks: Updating the date format won't change the displayed placeholder. That must be customised manually.



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