Create a cross platform solution

Create a solution compatible with Desktop, Mobile and Web
Make sure you use latest .NET 7 SDK. iOS especially requires developers to use 7.0.102 SDK or newer.
Install the Avalonia dotnet templates.
dotnet new install avalonia.templates
Once the templates are installed you can generate a new project.
Create a folder name that matches the name of your project. Then enter that folder.
mkdir HelloWorld
cd HelloWorld
Now create a cross platform solution using the templates.
dotnet new avalonia.xplat
This will create a project with the following structure:
  • HelloWorld (Avalonia UI project with Views and ViewModels)
  • HelloWorld.Android (Avalonia bootstrap code for Android)
  • HelloWorld.Desktop (Avalonia bootstrap code for Desktop - Windows, macOS and Linux)
  • HelloWorld.iOS (Avalonia bootstrap code for iOS)
  • HelloWorld.Browser (Avalonia bootstrap code for running in Browsers using WASM)
  • Directory.Build.props (sets the Avalonia version your application will target)
  • HelloWorld.sln (the solution file if you use an IDE)
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