Create a cross platform solution

Create a solution compatible with Desktop, Mobile and Web
Make sure you use latest .NET 6 SDK. iOS especially requires developers to use 6.0.202 SDK or newer.
Install the Avalonia dotnet templates. Version 0.10.13 and above adds support for mobile.
dotnet new install avalonia.templates
Once the templates are installed you can generate a new project.
Create a folder name that matches the name of your project. Then enter that folder.
mkdir HelloWorld
cd HelloWorld
Now create a cross platform solution using the templates.
dotnet new avalonia.xplat
This will create a project with the following structure:
  • HelloWorld (Avalonia UI project with Views and ViewModels)
  • HelloWorld.Android (Avalonia bootstrap code for Android)
  • HelloWorld.Desktop (Avalonia bootstrap code for Desktop - Windows, macOS and Linux)
  • HelloWorld.iOS (Avalonia bootstrap code for iOS)
  • HelloWorld.Web (Avalonia bootstrap code for Web)
  • Directory.Build.props (sets the Avalonia version your application will target)
  • HelloWorld.sln (the solution file if you use an IDE)
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