Maintaining Stable Branch

How to deal with merging PR and maintain a stable branch
This Process MUST be followed during any period that master branch is allowing breaking changes.
In order to maintain a stable branch it is required to follow a process on every PR that gets merged to ensure they are back ported.
For a PR to be back ported it MUST reach the following criteria
  • Contain no breaking API changes, (changing signatures, removing a method, etc) Additional overloads, methods, classes and extension methods are allowable.
  • Be suitable for the stable release, by default most changes and features should be considered.
Provided the criteria are met:
  1. 1.
    Merge the PR to master generating a merge commit.
  2. 2.
    i.e. "Merge pull request #5797 from AvaloniaUI/double-tapped-event-args"
At this point the git tree should look similar to this.
Now we need to get the new PR merged into the stable branch.
Pay careful attention here, we don't just merge into the stable branch!
  • Checkout the stable/0.10.x branch.
  • Cherrypick the merge commit from master.
The git tree should look like this now.
Please also use the backport-candidate and backported 0.10.x labels on the PRs themselves.