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Version: 11.0.0

Animation Settings

This section contains full lists of the Avalonia UI animation settings:

  • Easing Functions
  • Fill Modes
  • Playback Direction
  • Repeat

Easing Functions


Fill Modes

The fill mode attribute of an animation defines how the set property persists after running an animation, and on delays in between runs.

The following table describes the possible behaviors:

NoneValue will not persist after animation nor the first value will be applied when the animation is delayed.
ForwardThe last interpolated value will be persisted to the target property.
BackwardThe first interpolated value will be displayed on animation delay.
BothBoth Forward and Backward behaviors will be applied.

Playback Direction

Playback direction defines how the animation will be played, including any repeats. The following table describes the possible settings:

NormalThe animation is played normally.
ReverseThe animation is played in reverse direction.
AlternateThe animation is played forwards first, then backwards.
AlternateReverseThe animation is played backwards first, then forwards.


The repeat attribute on an animation element sets how many times it is to be replayed. There are two formats for this setting:

N(N is an integer) - play N times. N can be zero.
INFINITERepeat Indefinitely